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Evoke Family Foundation reduces financial barriers by providing grants to families of adolescents and young adults seeking behavioral, mental health, and addiction treatment through wilderness therapy programs such as Evoke.

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We transform the lives of struggling youth and young adults by providing support and hope through grants.

What People Are Saying About Evoke

"Our experience with Evoke at Entrada was wonderful in every aspect. We credit the program with saving our son’s life and saving our relationship with him. When he entered Evoke at 15, he was depressed, suicidal, abusing substances, had run away and dropped out of school, and was engaging in self- destructive, even life-threatening, activities daily. He left Evoke a better person, well on the way to becoming his best self. He is more grounded, insightful, self-aware, empowered, and focused than he has ever been. He also feels that he has regained meaning in his life and, only two weeks after leaving his 4-months in the wilderness, he said it was the most powerful experience and meaningful milestone of his life. He attributes it with helping him to find “true self confidence”. In addition, our family became stronger and healthier through the process."

- Evoke Entrada Alumni Parent


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